Phase 1 Lot 12 1905 Boxwood Rd


Lot Information

This lot is zoned within the City of Nanaimo as Light Industrial (I-2) and provides for a variety of clean industrial uses with a high standard of design and maintenance. For permitted uses please view at the City of Nanaimo’s website address:

Permitted Uses

  • Boat Construction & Repair
  • Custom Workshop
  • Food & Beverage Processing
  • Laboratory
  • Light Industry
  • Prefab Home Sales & Manufacturing
  • Production Bakery
  • Production Studio
  • Railway Yard
  • Railway & Railway Station
  • Recycling Depot
  • Refund Container Recycling Depot
  • Repair Shop
  • Service Industry
  • Sign Shop
  • Social Service Resource Centre
  • Storage Yard
  • Tow Truck Dispatch & Storage Yard
  • Warehouse
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