The Greening of Industrial Light
Rainwater Done Differently
Often, when sites are developed, there are big changes to how the rainwater fl ows. Greenrock is developed so that the rainwater ...
Absorbent Landscape Soils
Native soils have been collected on site and mixed with compost and sand to create an ideal mixture to support plant growth – and to ...
Protecting Against Drought
Planted areas have 450 mm of growing medium. This provides ample soil volume for plant roots. Root growth is key for summer drought...
Retaining Native Vegetation
Native trees and shrubs have been protected and additional native planting is added to supplement natural conditions. Irrigation is...
Why Irrigate Native Plants?
Greenrock includes an extensive irrigation system, but it is designed to irrigate young plants only until their roots are established. In...
Using Less Water
Although newly planted areas need water to help them survive and prosper, the automatic irrigation system is designed to get water to ...
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